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TOURISM SPECTRUM is a refereed Social Sciences international journal focusing on the academic perspectives of tourism. While striving for a balance of theory and application, Tourism Spectrum seeks to develop theoretical constructs. To enrich the discipline of tourism it encourages offerings from various disciplines; to serve as a forum through which the disciplines may interact; and thus to expand dimensions of knowledge in and contribute to the literature on tourism social science. In this role, Tourism spectrum both structures and is structured by the research efforts of a multidisciplinary community of scholars.

The Journal is published twice in a year (March & September) and features manuscripts dealing with various aspects of tourism phenomenon. Emphasizing an integrated approach to tourism in terms of tourism being an inter-disciplinary field, the journal focuses on various aspects of tourism like anthropological, business, economic, educational, environmental, geographic, historical, political, psychological, philosophical, religious, sociological, inter alia, aspects of tourism (including conceptual essays, case studies, and industry -oriented expositions) . Papers on any aspect related to tourism are also encouraged. Being a broad social science journal it’s readership is diverse. So specialist technical (e.g. economics, management, hospitality) papers must also be intelligible to a broad social science audience.

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