Publications Ethics for Authors & Reviewers

Certificate of Originality

Tourism Spectrum strictly believes that the material submitted for publication must be researchers original work and must not be submitted anywhere to be considered for the purpose of publishing. In case of any doubt, authors should seek advice from the editor handling their contribution. If an author of a submission is re-using a figure or figures published elsewhere, or that is copyrighted, the author must provide documentation that the previous publisher or copyright holder has given permission for the figure to be re-published.


The articles submitted to Tourism Spectrum should not posses any Plagiarism in their articles. Duplicate Publication, sometimes-called Self-Plagiarism should also not be there. It occurs when the author reuses substantial parts of his or her own published work without providing the appropriate references. This can result in identical paper getting published in multiple journals. Such manuscripts would not be considered for publication in Tourism Spectrum, However minor plagiarism without dishonest intention is relatively frequent and can be accepted with the will of Judges/ reviewers.

Due Credit for others' work

The researchers/ authors must pay the dues credit to the person whose work has been citied in the research. While discussing the published work the author must sought a prior permission from the source/agency/person for their previous work, which is going to be cite.


Tourism Spectrum does not require a letter signed from all the authors. A statement of originality letter submitted by corresponding author on behalf of other may also be considered taken their consent that on behalf of all authors only corresponding author will do all correspondence during the submission and publication period. The primary affiliation for each author should be the institution where the majority of their work was done. If an author has subsequently moved, the current address may also be stated.

Author Contributions Statements

Authors are required to include a statement of responsibility in the manuscript that specifies the contribution of every author.


The Editors of Tourism Spectrum treat the submitted manuscript and all communication with authors and referees as confidential. Authors must also treat communication with the journal as confidential: correspondence with the journal, reviewers' reports and other confidential material must not be posted on any website or otherwise publicized without prior permission from the editors, whether or not the submission is eventually published. However, Authors are welcome to suggest suitable independent reviewers when they submit their manuscripts, but these suggestions may not be followed by the journal. Authors may also request the journal to exclude a few (usually not more than two) individuals. The journal sympathetically considers such exclusion requests and usually honours them, but the editor's decision on the choice of peer-reviewers is final.